Workshop Resources

Links and Files from Assorted Workshops

sleeping studentIncreasing Student Engagement (with technology*)

qr code QR Codes in Assessment 

NAPDS logo  NAPDS Presentation by C. Matt Seimears Ph.D.

PowerPoint presentation file —  New tools to train teachers with increased interactivity and multimedia use.

To see some tutorials on QR codes, ThingLink, and Popcorn Maker, click on their links.

logo flippedFlipped Classrooms:

Since all of the videos and resource links can’t be explored during the 50-minute presentation

  • Revamped Flipping the Classroom PowerPoint — (When you open the presentation, if warnings about “Enable Editing” and “Enable Content” pop up in yellow at the top of your screen, click them so that the videos inside the presentation will play.)
  • Original Prezi presentation of Flipping the Classroom — (The PowerPoint has a different arrangement of resources.  I don’t like the prezi much as the ppt, but I thought that some people might.)

powerpoint logoInteractive PowerPoints:

  • Interactive PowerPoint presentation file— If you want to see what I’ve done and reverse-engineer the effects.
  • Jeopardy PowerPoint file — You can change the background, category titles, and clue, plus add/delete as you see fit.  Or just google “Jeopardy PowerPoint template, and you might find one that is easier to work with.  It is set up so that you can get back to the question board by clicking the atom in the lower left corner of each question.

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