Chrome Extensions for a better browser

Screenshot of chrome extension iconsAs Google attempts to take over the world by being as helpful and ubiquitous as possible, their Chrome internet browser has grown some very useful tools.  Back in my day, an internet browser (Internet Explorer) was simply the box where you check your email, the same way that a book cover is just the thing that holds your exciting adventure of time-travel and social satire.  But by adding “Extensions” to your browser, you bring more power to your online work, whether it is browsing, researching, creating, or managing.  And rather than having to go to a certain website or open a new program when you want to use each tool, you can just click on an icon at the top of your browser without stopping your internet workflow.

Some good examples:

  • Google Translate: Just highlight a word, paragraph, or page, and click the icon to see it translated.
  • Tools for Google Maps: Click to find latitude/longitude coordinates in a Google Map, measure distances between points, and connect to online information about a location.
  • Zotero Connector: Doing some research and want to save and site an online academic resource in MLA or APA format with just a click?  This extension makes it possible.
  • Save to Google Drive: Online files like PDFs or images can be sent right to your Google Drive without having to be downloaded to your computer first before uploading.  2 steps in 1, and it keeps your hard drive clean.

So Google Extensions are kind of like if your book cover  came equipped to drive a screw, file a nail, and anything in between. multi-tool coming out of book cover

But unlike the tool shown, it actually makes sense to equip Chrome with these bonus features.  Multiple functionalities can be easily accessible to make your work more effective and more efficient.

To explore the possibilities, first install the Chrome Browser on your computer @

Then visit the Extensions page of the Chrome Web Store, @, and search through their categories.

If you need some guidance enabling and disabling your extensions, watch the video below:


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