Un-hiding Panopto videos in Canvas

You recorded a lecture.  How do students find it?

One great thing about Canvas is the ability to add powerful tools from the ‘Apps’ tab of the ‘Settings’ menu.  Here at ESU, we already have several of the best apps pre-installed into everyone’s classes.  Panopto is one of these, allowing you to video, record, and broadcast live lessons or lectures, and if you use PowerPoint, the slides are automatically synced within the video file.  (To learn more about recording, view the Panopto Quick-Start Guide.)

Students will be able to access your lectures or quick content updates for further review and can even record time-synced notes within the Panopto player, tying their notes to your original words.  But only if they can get to them.stuffed file cabinet

There is a ‘Panopto Recordings’ link on the left-hand menu of Canvas, but sending students there is like asking them to dig through your file cabinet to get a handout.  Students are much more likely to utilize a resource that is just one click away.  Canvas makes this easy, allowing you to put a simple hyperlink to the recording within any content page, assignment description, announcement, etc.  Or you can embed the video to play right on the page.  But the best option, which makes all of Panopto’s study features available to students, is to add a Panopto page to a module.  This gives it a layout specifically for Panopto recordings, rather than treating it like any other video. (like that shown below… click it to expand)

screenshot of Panopto video playing

This shot of a Panopto lecture video shows how the title of each PowerPoint slide is time-stamped to help students instantly click to the right place in the video when studying a specific topic.

Helping students find your Panopto videos more easily is a quick process, but it has several steps that aren’t very intuitive.  At all.  It’s not something that you can stumble into.

So here is a handy tutorial showing how to access your Panopto videos within Canvas, along with three options for sharing them with students.


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