Canvas Add-ons (and menu customization)

A little-known feature of our fancy new Canvas LMS is the ability to add “External Apps” to a course.  Some of these, like CampusPack, Panopto, and Smarthinking tutoring, have been added by the university, but you can add your own.

Do you want to easily share files from Dropbox,  to connect your i-Clickers to the Canvas course, or to edit and share interactive mathematical graphs or computer code without having to send students outside of the course platform?  There are apps for these.  Plus a lot more.

Explore these by clicking on your course “Settings” button and choosing the “Apps” tab along the top of the screen.  Click one to find more information about it, and hit

add tool button

to enable it.  There may be some extra setup afterward, depending on the app, but that should be explained on the information pages.

Some apps show up on your left menu for easy navigation. Some just sit in the background and wait for you to use them.

redirect appOne app that is in high demand by some instructors will allow you to add new buttons to the side navigation menu.  The lack of menu customizability was a bone of contention when choosing to switch to Canvas as our LMS, but  adding the “Redirect” app will let you add menu buttons that link to anywhere on the web.

Watch how to use Redirect here:


2 thoughts on “Canvas Add-ons (and menu customization)

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