Adding ‘POP’ to your doc with background shapes

a flier being editedIf you realize that the flier, document, or even PowerPoint that you just created is really plain and boring, but you’re not super-pumped about the choices for background templates or the thought of wasting time finding the “right” one, it is very easy to create your own dynamic background with basic shapes and by playing with colors, transparency, and layering.

The basic idea is that layering semi-transparent shapes behind and around text can help direct the eye through the information, can highlight the important parts, and can add a sense of flow and motion to static text.

The video below demonstrates how this can be done with Microsoft Publisher, but it is a similar process for Word and PowerPoint.  For Mac users, this can be done even easier on Pages because the “Opacity” slider is right there in the open on the “Style” tab, rather than being hidden in 2 layers of menus, as it is with the Office suite.



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