video ant logoA new contender for syncing your notes to an online video…

A few months ago I featured a pretty good tool that students should add to their bag of techno-tricks. allows you to make a notes file while you watch an online video (like one of your lectures or an documentary posted on YouTube…).

The amazingness happens when you review the notes and realize that you missed something and have to find that spot in the video.  If it is a pretty long video, that can take a good amount of random clicking to find the right spot. and this similar tool, VideoANT, automatically sync each note entry to the right spot in the video, so you can find the part in question with just one click.

VideoANT ( has a couple of other nice features, like allowing you or students to share and collaborate on a video’s notes or to embed the video and its notes into a webpage (even a Blackboard submission).

Unlike, the service doesn’t link to your Google Drive account, which saves you space and the hassle of dealing with the individual files.

Below is an overview of VideoANT, along with a comparison to, to help you choose which tool is right for you.


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