Green-Screen your videos

camtasia logo Camtasia now has Chroma Key

If you are looking for a way to improve anything from a simple webcam video to a professional presentation video, you can now add some awesome production value with Camtasia Studio’s “Remove a color” editing option.  And even though it seems like it would be complicated to turn your office into a beach scene, a swirly futuristic background, or the always exciting Delaware, Camtasia can do it in just a few mouse clicks.

remove color

The trick is simply to pick the surrounding color that you want to remove, and you are now sitting in front of whatever background layer you have placed beneath.  If you have a well-lit room and a solid wall color, that might be enough for you to use this feature successfully.  Green is commonly used because most of us and our clothes aren’t usually that bright shade, but blue, red, purple, or almost anything uncommon would work.

Unfortunately my office walls are too close to my skin color, so I haven’t been able to create a great example of it in action (yet), but in the meantime, while I obtain a few pieces of brightly-colored poster board, you can see Camtasia’s promo video of this new feature and get an idea of its possibilities. 



In addition to simply putting you in an exotic location, you can place yourself inside your computer screen when giving your students a tour of your online course’s menu or can stand inside the coordinate plane you are explaining.  Give it a try, and stay tuned for a tutorial featuring some good classroom uses for this great tool.


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