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Syncing videos and notes with VideoNot.es

Having just worked through an online course that featured 70-minute lectures over computer programming, I found out about this tool just a bit too late.  When searching for some vital piece of information and realizing that I hadn’t  recorded notes with enough context to understand their meaning, I faced a tough decision…  click through the giant lecture video, hoping to find the right part, or just wing it and hope that I was doing it correctly.  I didn’t always make the wise choice.

If your course features online videos, whether they are lecture videos or other types, you should consider the features  provided by the online VideoNot.es program, and how they can improve how your students use their notes and your video resources.

VideoNot.es allows students to take notes on the same screen as they watch a video, and each note entry is synced to the video at that instant, so reviewing notes and video together can be done with a click, rather than with a scavenger hunt.  By linking notes to videos, students will have a better note-reviewing experience, which will help them get more out of both the notes and the videos.

Another benefit is that the note files created will live on students’ Google Drives, making them accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.  Student groups can share and collaborate on their notes files, just like with any regular Google Doc.  And because they are linked, students won’t have to keep track of two separate locations for each video and corresponding set of notes.

See how VideoNot.es works:

Option 1:  My YouTube Tutorial

Option 2:  View the tutorial through my VideoNotes file  (very meta)

Helpful tip/ un-ideal limitation:  I had to zoom in on the screen (‘ctrl’ + ‘+’) in order to see the details within the video when it was in its small frame.  Going full-screen with the video removes the notes from the page.  They should make an over/under option that allows a bigger video screen and scrolls through the notes while they happen.  Also, it would be helpful if the note synced with the spot in the video 1 or 2 second before I started typing, since I start typing notes after I hear something note-worthy.  This means that clicking on each note takes me to the point in the video 1 or 2 seconds after the thing I want to review, so I have to back the track up a bit to hear it.

For more on Google Drive, see my earlier post about Google Apps.


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