End of Semester check-up

stuffed suitcase

Before you pack your courses up for the summer…

it is a good time to review how things went and consider changes you would like to make for the next time.  Here are some resources to help you evaluate your courses and guide your changes.

U-Innovate Quality Classroom Resources:  Our IT site hosts a great set of resources, organized according to where you are in a course revision process (as guided by Quality Matters).  Included here are rubrics for evaluating your course, questions to consider, and examples of model courses.

5 Principles of Successful Course Redesign:  From the National Center for Academic Transformation, these were taken from studying successful course revisions.  Benefits of each principle are explained, including examples from the college courses in which they have been used.

Course Design Tutorial:  This tutorial includes worksheets that guide you through the important questions to ask in a course redesign and includes tips to help you follow through with implementing the changes.

If you have any questions, please contact me, or Sandy Valenti, the resident Quality Matters Expert.


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