Social Video with Vyclone

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Creating dynamic, instantly-edited collaborative videos

The hard part in creating educational video content isn’t making the video, but doing something with it.  Anything to make it more than stale, one-shot coverage of a speaker can add a lot of quality, which also brings increased interest and a better learning experience for students.  But it’s often too difficult and too time-consuming to bring good production value to something as simple as a classroom lecture or a student project.  And in most cases, creating a dynamic video requires multiple cameras, which means more file transfers and more editing, which becomes increasingly difficult as multiple videos need to be synced to the same timeline and analyzed to get the best shot at each point in the video.  It’s a pain.  Even describing the process is almost not worth the effort.

A relatively new video app for both Android and Apple devices makes the challenge of combining footage from multiple cameras remarkably easier, capitalizing on the GPS and time code information that “smart” devices can attach to video files.  The Vyclone app detects any cameras in your area that are filming with the app, and it automatically connects the synced footage and audio of the uploaded video files from multiple devices, creating one “collage” video.  In one click.  No file transfers, and cables, no syncing audio/video.  One click from each device.  The resulting video doesn’t let the viewer get bored with one shot, as it moves every few seconds to a different camera’s footage.  These simple transitions keep students engaged.



If you aren’t satisfied with random transitions, Vyclone makes the editing process as simple as possible by already syncing all of the footage from the uploaded videos.  All you have to do is click on which view you want to play at each transition point, and the view changes from one camera to another on cue.

vyclone app

Vyclone could fill a big niche in education, where students are already carrying around devices that they can use to create great projects, to document classroom and lab events, as well as events outside of the traditional classroom, and to create higher-quality videos as evidence of their learning.  Vyclone is a great way to capitalize on the potential of students’ smart devices.

If you feel like diving in to Vyclone, download their app and get started (preferably with a buddy and/or multiple video devices).  To see some examples of its potential classroom use, and for a walk-through of how to use it, watch my how-to video:


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