Oooo-weeee-ooooo… Pop Up Video!

popup video logo

Enhancing your content with interactive pop-ups

If you were lucky enough to be at the right age in the late ‘90’s, this image would signal to your brain that it is about to learn some cool stuff that it didn’t know it wanted, while being entertained by music videos.  Fun facts:  Jerry Garcia only had 9 1/2 fingers.  The flush toilet dates back to 2000 BC.  Meatloaf, the singer, is a vegetarian.  (Lost?  Watch the video below.)

The idea was simple:  Increase interest and fun by adding a layer of quirky information over the video.  As an instructor, you can make better use of your lecture videos or add meaty content to otherwise superficial, yet entertaining, fluff that you find on the web.

Thanks to some recent techno-wizardry that you don’t need to understand, it is now possible to embed text, links, photos, Wikipedia articles, Google maps, and Twitter feeds into the timeline of an online video.  The tool, Mozilla PopcornMaker, allows you choose a YouTube or Vimeo video, then simply drag and drop into the video the information that you are teaching.

Because any of the pop-ups you add can be linked to online resources, you can turn your video into the jumping-off point for student research projects.  The video is the motivator, complete with the links that students will need to work toward their solution.  Or your video can help students access the primary resources that you use to develop your lessons, allowing them to explore the material on their own.

An example:  Click on the image below to see how a clip from The Big Bang Theory can teach about flow charts.

Try clicking on the popups to see their sources.

Sheldon pointing at flow chart

Quick, basic tutorial on using Mozilla PopcornMaker:

A Pop-up TED Talk:  Click on the image below.

popup TED talk

And one more style of using popups to clarify your message to students.  Click to watch.

stephen t colbert


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