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A picture that’s worth 1000 lessons

thinglink media

Here’s  what I want when choosing a tool for delivering information to students:
  • Easy for me to create and to change if necessary (without tracking down and replacing all prior versions)
  • Intuitive for students to navigate, making their lives easier, and lowering barriers to their learning
  • Providing access to all of the information in one place, but not displaying it all in a long, overwhelming list
  • Providing “just in time” learning to help students when they need it
  • Supporting access to a variety of online resources (websites, special online tools, audio, video…)
  • Seamlessly fitting with what I’m already using  (Does it work with my class blog?  With Blackboard?  With my Promethean board? )
  • Clearly being worth the time

Occasionally I luck out and stumble upon something that meets most of these criteria.  Then came ThingLink, which blew them all away.

ThingLink is an online tool that allows you to turn a picture into the jumping-off point for a lesson, a unit, or even an entire course.  A few clicks of your mouse will add buttons to an image, and these allow students to navigate through your content.  This tool has huge potential for classroom uses, and  it is incredibly easy for instructors to jump in and make something awesome.

Click on the image below to see the educational possibilities that ThingLink can help you create.

thinglink cyberchalkboard

(Unfortunately, WordPress can’t embed the working, interactive image, but clicking will take you to the ThingLink page where you can click on the buttons that appear when you hover above the image.  These are the best examples I could find to showcase the variety of ways that you can use ThingLink for your students.  If you find more examples of different uses for ThingLink, post them in the comments below.)

In case you missed it inside the image above, here is a tutorial on how to start using ThingLink, how to create your own interactive images, and how to embed the image into your Blackboard course’s content.


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