Sharing files with Dropbox

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Any-time access and sharing through the cloud

The days of transferring files from computer to computer on jump drives (not to mention floppy disks and CDs) are becoming a thing of the past, as cloud storage is emerging as a simpler method of data sharing.  You can install a program to link your home and office computers with a shared folder that either machine can access.  You can log into your account from public computers, such as in a library,  to access your files.  You can load and edit documents on an iPad or smartphone.  You can more easily share files with others.  And you don’t have to worry about losing that tiny jump drive with all of your files, which you never got around to backing up in another location.

One option for this cloud-based service is Dropbox, which will give you between 2GB to 5GB for free storage… more than adequate for storing those files that you need to access any time, anywhere.  In addition to storing my work files that I access through my iPad, desktop, and laptop, I use it to store documents and pictures that are shared with the public through hyperlinks and QR codes.  I have even set it up to automatically upload pictures from my smartphone to the online folder so that I can instantly place a picture or video into a document or tutorial, without having to navigate the usual process of manually transferring these files onto a computer.

For help getting started with Dropbox and to see a little bit of what it can do for you, watch this tutorial video.  I cover the processes of making an account, how and why to install the program on your computer, and how to load, move, and share files.


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