Bling with a Purpose

Jazz up your Blackboard page, help students navigate it.

blackboard assignments

So, which assignment above did your eye zoom to first?  Which one would your students be more likely to click?  Having a visually-appealing Blackboard course isn’t just about enhancing the cosmetics of the pages.  If done right, it can steer your students to the right resources, help them prioritize tasks, and influence how they perceive the content and activities you post to Blackboard.

A recent Carnegie Mellon study examined how our brains work when we choose between two similar objects.  Before we even make the conscious decision to pick this stapler or that stapler, our brains have already decided which is visually better.  That influences our purchasing decision.  The biggest application of this study has been to develop a system for finding the best thumbnail images to put on websites to increase clicks.  Visual appeal = more clicks = more income.

For us, visual appeal = more clicks = less chance for failure.  In my online education experience there were a few times that I didn’t complete an assignment, not from laziness or not caring, but because I just didn’t see it.  All the text just looked the same, and I didn’t realize that there was something that I had skipped.  Adding an icon to your Blackboard posts is quick and easy, and is very helpful to students.  Check out the tutorial video below to see how.


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