Try timetoast


Help students visualize history

Students like pictures.  When we turn descriptions into visuals, they understand information more intuitively.  When we add interactivity to those images, students explore content more deeply and will learn more from the experience.

Timetoast is a free online program that allows you to add events to a timeline and post it for public viewing.  That’s nothing new, but imagine if students in your classroom could use their smartphones to access the timeline that you created to discuss WWII, and could follow along with the events and pictures of characters as you explain them to the class.

Later, students can use the hyperlinks you placed in the timeline events to guide their research or to help them review for a test. You can even embed a timeline in your Blackboard Content or in a PowerPoint to be a more integrated part of your course.

Visit Timetoast, find your content, and see how you could use this tool.  To see a tutorial video of how to use timetoast with your Blackboard course, watch this:  


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