Making an Intro Video with Panopto or YouTube

I’ve made 3 tutorials to show you the complete, start-to-finish steps to making an introduction video for your course and posting it to Blackboard.  No, it’s not too late to do this for your course this semester.  Students will appreciate the effort.  And you can use these tutorials to create and post more videos throughout the semester.  Once you’ve done the first one, you’ll see how easy it is to make this a regular addition to your teaching.

  Option 1: Panopto —   Panopto is especially useful if you want to include PowerPoint slides or computer screenshots in your video, since they are embedded automatically into the timeline.  I show how to connect Panopto to your Blackboard course, how to create a video, and how to share the video with your students.

  • Shorter Version — I explain less and work more quickly.  It will get you started in Panopto, and you can figure out a lot of the extras on your own.  You should be able to watch this and post your own video in under 30 minutes.
  • Longer Version — I explain more and go a little slower.  I talk more about the options in Panopto.  For this one, I would recommend opening your Blackboard course and working along with the video.  That strategy should help you watch the tutorial and post your own video in under 45 minutes, plus you’ll learn more about using Panopto along the way.
  • For more help, you can watch Panopto’s How-To videos.

  Option 2:  An iPad or digital camera and YouTube —  If you don’t need to show a computer screen in your video and want something more convenient or portable, you can use any digital camera, including an iPad or phone, to post a video.  I show how to set up a YouTube account, how to upload videos, and 3 options for posting a YouTube video in your Blackboard course.  You should be able to watch the video and post one of your own in under 30 minutes.


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